Intimate Places to Visit in Bosnia

Bosnia is known as a little-known gem with a rich history that has encouraged both love and clash. With its exotic towns and gorgeous scenery, it has a great deal to offer couples seeking an intimate getaway. Here are some of the most extremely bosnian charming places you can travel to with your loved one to relish a memorable vacation.

A Symbol of Love

Inside the heart of Sarajevo is placed Lions Cemetery, where you will discover Bosko and Admira, some lovers that was doomed by battle. He was a Serb Orthodox Christian and she was obviously a Bosniak Muslim, but that didn’t prevent them out of falling madly in appreciate. When snipers opened fire, destroying him and fatally wounding her, they will embraced in Not any Man’s Land and had been buried jointly. The few started to be known as Bosnia’s Romeo and Juliet. All their shared serious in the Elephants Cemetery can be described as tribute to all their eternal absolutely adore.

A loving Town

Bosnia has many unusual cities to learn, but Travnik is one of the many romantic. It’s a gorgeous hillside commune with a wide range of historical monuments. It’s also house to Vlasic mountain, which is a great place with respect to skiing and hiking. The main lane of the metropolis is Ferhadija, a pedestrianised block with many improved stores that makes it ideal for shopping. The location is also home to a memorial service sculpture of a father calling his son to come home, which was based on an absolute story from Siege of Sarajevo.


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